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Dinner with Emma & Hook the night before comic con. #OnceUponATime #Season4! (x)


Dinner with Emma & Hook the night before comic con. ! (x)

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Some non-porn gay-oriented short films/videos that I really think you should see.  Click the title below and the video page will open in another window:

We Once Were Tide (UK, 2011) - Beautifully shot on England’s Isle of Wight, We Once Were Tide is a story about sacrifice, separation and love.

Anthony and Kyle are boyfriends who live in an isolated part of the UK where they take care of Anthony’s terminally-ill mother.  Kyle loves photography and is about to reveal to Anthony that he’s been accepted to University to study the field. How do you say good-bye to the person you love? Just shy of 18 minutes and NSFW due to sexual situation.  If you watch this I suggest you don’t multitask, give it your full attention so you can catch the dialogue in a glance or a quiet moment.  

Dare (third picture)-Ben is a gay high school student who is timid and shy.  He also has a crush on the high school jock (Johnny).  One day after play rehearsal Johnny needs a way home and Ben offers him a ride.  Johnny invites him in and they take a dip in his parent’s pool.  After they talk a bit Ben is presented with an opportunity he desires.  Does he dare be bold and seize the moment? Runs almost 17 minutes.  No nudity.  Making out and some mild language. One of my favs!  MUST SEE!

JACKPOT: A Film By Adam Baran - 14-year-old Jack is on a quest for the mother load…a stash of porn that would save him from his usual spank bank material — clippings from underwear ads.  The problem is he has some bullies after him and he has to pass them to get the goods home.  Keep in mind this is all set before the internet age and the oasis of porn we have at our finger tips. Almost 10 minutes long, no nudity, simulated masturbation.

Protect Me From What I Want (top picture) - One of my fav gay-themed short films. Saleem, an Indian student living in Leeds with his parents, meets Daz, a rent boy, and they have a night of mutually enjoyable sex. Saleem is nonetheless ashamed of what he has done…will he run from this new experience or has he entered a new world? Runs a little over 13 minutes.  Nudity warning…there is a sex scene and you see some naked butt. NSFW

Sir Rupert, The Knight - Cute rhyme about a little boy who dreams of being a knight and kissing the princess prince.  Runs a little over 3 minutes…well worth your time. No nudity, SFW.

Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho (I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone) (second picture) - This short film is FANTASTIC. The arrival of a new student in school changes everything in Leonardo’s life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his long-lasting friend Giovana while trying to figure out the feelings he found out he has for his new friend, Gabriel. English subtitles, runs a little over 17 minutes. No nudity, SFW.

The Morning After - The Morning After a drunken night out Harry’s (Joshua Berg) world is turned upside down when as he awakens to discover a naked man, Thom (Luke Striffler), in his bed. stunned and confused he tries to make sense of his repressed desires. In an attempt to re-assert his heterosexuality he revisits an old lover, Lucy (Juliet Lundholm), but finds little comfort from the encounter. Harry is left to make a decision: to follow his set path and return to his doting girlfriend Jess (Jane Alice), or attempt to understand his own wants and desires. Little over 15 minutes, well worth the time.  Warning: Nudity, NSFW

Thirteen or So Minutes(fourth picture)This amusing boy-meets-boy story introduces us to two young, attractive straight guys who act on the fact that they are incredibly attracted to one another. In the aftermath, one of them seems to have second thoughts…. Runs just shy of 14 minutes

33 Teeth - Eddie’s fascination with his older neighbor, Chad, heightens after he spies on him in the bathroom measuring his manhood. Runs almost 8 minutes.

The Language of Love - 17 year old Charlie struggles to find the words to be true to himself…and his best friend. A wry, delicate take on first love and awakening sexuality from a young man’s perspective.  The fear of realization and the unknown. Runs 9 and a half minutes

Love Trip - Very cute film with an adorable payoff at the end. No nudity, SFW.  Runs a little over 8 minutes.

Gay = Sin - Features the music of the incredible Sigur Ros. NSFW, brief nudity (naked butts)  

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when i was 8 i drew this comic about two girls kissing and my mom was out raged and i thought it was because my art wasn’t good enough so i kept trying to draw girls kissing and she sent me to therapy and my therapist tried explaining homosexuality to me and i didn’t even know what that had to do with my art skills

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Gusset makable and wet making lovely .  


Gusset makable and wet making lovely .  

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